Valentine’s Gift Guide 2019

Another Valentine’s Day is approaching, the 72nd one for our little gallery in southern Indiana. Time flies – much has changed over the years, but yet so much has stayed the same. Smiling faces walk through our doors, which is why we are still excited to do what we do. So for those at a loss to what to get that special one on V-Day, here’s a few suggestions.


We love these art glass heart paperweights! We have lot’s of heart themed glass that will remind a loved one just how special they are. 45.00 – 65.00

As we mentioned above about Time – these sterling silver watches from Israel as a special way to watch time go by. Beautifully crafted with gemstones. 125.00 – 265.00

A perfect way to display Valentine’s flowers or any garden treasure. These  hand crafted crystalline glazed vases are made in Pennsylvania. Many sizes and colors – along with many other potter’s works. 25.00 – 95.00

For a little more direction in life – a handcrafted compass box by an Illinois craftsman will keep them on the right path. 25.00

We have a wonderful selection of beautifully crafted jeweled boxes – perfect for a tiny treasure or display. Cast from heavy pewter and then enameled and set with crystals. A very special keepsake. 35.00 – 110.00

One of our signature collections is hand crafted in Madrid, Spain. Uno de 50 is the ultimate in distinctive style with rustic, yet sophisticated designs. 65.00 – 345.00

50493389_2298149356885948_8483010745510920192_nAs the largest art glass gallery in Indiana, we love the vibrant colors and infinite designs the artisans create. These sun catcher ornaments are crafted in Canada and are beautiful inside or out. 22.50 – 45.00

48272895_744828735893138_4351609457843634176_nThe mysterious Moonstone is an elegant and distinctive gemstone. We offer rings, pendants and bracelets all accented with Moonstone gems. This spectacular pendant is paired with a natural blue topaz. This example 275.00 others from 50.00

We offer glass creations from around the world. This tree of life bud vase is crafted in Italy and is perfect with a bouquet or without – either way it’s a work of art. 45.00

We always have a changing selection of vintage Native American jewelry. We offer rings, pendants and bracelets of superb quality and accented with genuine gemstones that are not available in new pieces.  95.00 – 345.00

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So there is a sampling of some of the thoughtful gifts we have to offer this Valentine’s Day. We have a gallery full of options to give, or to keep to enrich your life. Looking for something special? Give us a call 812-476-6295 and we’ll do our best to help.



Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day this next Wednesday, we thought a quick suggestion list is in order.

We’ve put together some of our selections that would be sure to please the loves of your life.


Foil Heart

Of course hearts are the symbol of the season. These Red glass hearts are handcrafted with sterling silver on the island of Murano, Italy. Earrings 26.50 – Necklace 50.00


You know he’d be lost without you – but give him a backup with this replica of a Lewis & Clark Explorer compass in wood and brass. 45.00


A hand-blown paperweight by glass artisans in Seattle will be a reminder everyday in the office. 65.00


For something really special we have the wonderful designs from a Madrid, Spain cooperative that are uniquely one of a kind – just like the love of your life. 330.00


The fans of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright will love these authentic designs from the Robbie House. Card case 45.00 Rollerball pen 85.00


We are the largest art glass dealer in Indiana and here’s one of our favorites! This large heart inspired vases is handcrafted by a husband and wife in California. 375.00


Celebrate with style with this matched corkscrew and stopper set in polished rosewood in a presentation box. 45.00


We are known for our unique jewelry offerings, and these are some of our favorites. Sterling silver twin heart necklace, handcrafted in Israel. The heart is crafted from ancient glass that’s dated to over 2000 years old. 165.00


A beautiful lavender African Tanzenite ring mounted in sterling silver. Just one of hundreds of rings we show from mines from around the world. 135.00


Show them how solid your relationship is with something  made from Petrified Wood from Madagascar. Bookends 145.00 Dish 150.00

We have a gallery full of handmade and Fair Trade treasures that’s sure to delight. Visit us and see for yourself. And please – have a happy and love filled Valentine’s Day.



Valentine’s Day 2015

The one day of the year that’s specially set aside to celebrate the loves of our life – Valentine’s Day. Below are a couple of suggestions to make the day a little extra special. And a little history of the matchmaker that brought you together.

10428028_899570820077149_7089667953475672726_nWant to make her hold her head with excitement? Give her a work of jewelry art by Ayala Bar. This international artist makes beautiful necklaces, pendants and earrings that are one of a kind – just like her.


Moving on to Italy we have wonderful blown glass jewelry from Venice. The perfect way to say “Sei il grande amore della mia vita”. (You are the love of my life.)

10926223_894467387254159_5268670099150603493_nThis beautiful paperweight is just one of the 100’s of art glass works in the gallery. Made in the Milifiori (Thousand Flowers) tradition by Ohio glass artist Doug Sweet.

10952108_913283662017417_138336045_nHearts? We’ve got them! These colorful ornaments are hand blown in Seattle Washington. They come in a variety of patterns and colors. Your pick – 25.00

And Now a History Lesson

Ah, Valentine’s Day – a beautiful celebration we enjoy every February 14th. The internet is full of Valentine’s Day history – several versions, in fact –  depending which web site you happen to land upon.

Antoine-Denis Chaudet, Cupid, 1802, Louvre Museum

But who is the instigator behind this romance? – why the Cupid (or Eros) of course. The matchmaker in Greek mythology is Eros – who is usually depicted as athletic with wings. See image above.

Cupid, on the other hand was the Roman counterpart that was often shown as a winged boy or baby (a putto) armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows- but not always – as you can see in the sculpture above.

Stop in and see us soon – our quiver is full of fine gifts that are sure to hit the mark this year.