logo-copyNance Galleries

Our business was founded in 1947. Back then, we were a small photography studio and custom framing shop started by my parents, Owen & Marian Nance. We moved to this current location in 1958, when they took an old farm house built in 1922 and added a small store-front with living quarters in the back.

Today, the gallery has been renovated from the ground up. Many new contemporary touches create a space that celebrates the creative spirit within.


If you notice our logo, you will see my father in the circle, an image from this photograph of him in 1947 – which now resides above our office door.

My parents always prided themselves on customer service, a standard that is just as important to us today as it was to them. Dad loved to have unique and unusual items in his studio, from one-of-a-kind picture frames to a large tropical fish tank in the reception room.

Today, we don’t have a fish tank, but we do offer some of the most unusual items from every part of the world.

Curt & Francia Nance

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