New Beginnings

New Beginnings

We all know the past year has certainly been challenging. From the despair and loss of so many loved ones, to the fear of the unknown as we look forward to 2021. It is a difficult time not only for our country, but for societies around the world. And for us, here in the Ohio Valley, the darker, cloudy days of winter only add to the atmosphere of apprehension. Sounds dismal, doesn’t it? Certainly – but as with life and nature, if you look in the right places there are messages of hope and renewal.

The wonderful part of working in the gallery is that we get to see so many artist’s work. Each individual artist has a way of seeing the world. All of them work in the realm of perception – and translate their observations and impressions into their art. Whether it is a painting or art glass, jewelry or clay – all are inspired by their environment, society, and the world we live in.

This time of isolation has challenged us, but it has also granted us a very special gift. It has allowed us the time to look at the world with an artist’s eye. Now more than ever – in the middle of all this chaos – if we take the time to be still and look – really look around us – nature gives us many signs of hope and inspiration.

One of the artists we feature in the gallery is the work of Dawn Candy, an artist who resides in Red Deer – a city in central Alberta, Canada. Red Deer has summers that are typically warm and rainy with cool nights, with winters that are long, cold, and very dry. Her work reflects her environment, which may appear to be barren and uninspiring at first glance. But if you take the time to observe – to see what she sees, you’ll be amazed at the beauty of nature – even during the depths of a long cold winter.

We love her pottery – shaped and then painted by hand. Each piece has other tactile elements to celebrate the seasons and the rhythm of life. Each time I hold a piece of her creations, it reminds me that beauty is everywhere – it just sometimes takes awareness and a little effort to see.

With brighter news on the horizon, with science leading the way with vaccines that will allow us to reconnect to our loved ones and life as we knew it in the near future – our hope is that you will find the time each day to look for the beauty in the world. To take a moment to celebrate the places and people who are overlooked in our busy daily lives. Beauty is with us and within us.

Take time and Take Care

Francia & Curt

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