Veteran’s Day 2016

Each year we set aside one day for the heroes that serve and protect this great country. Those who have given an oath to loyalty and  followed orders given. Who have fought for our freedoms and our security. We owe them more than this day. Those who have served and their families have sacrificed and given so much for all of us.


Today I’m thinking about my Dad – who served in WWII. He was lucky in so many ways. Starting as a Machinist’s Mate in  the belly of a light cruiser – it was hot, dirty work. And a lot of the boys that had this job never came home.

My dad was so talented in many ways – a photographer, an artist. One day my father drew a portrait of the Admiral of the South Atlantic Fleet. His commander liked it and it was sent up the chain of command until that picture landed on the Admiral’s desk. A week later my dad was standing in front of Admiral Jonas Howard Ingram, the commander of the Atlantic Fleet. He liked my dad and made him his personal photographer during the war.


By dad passed on in 1984 – and I still think of him every day. The Veterans are our heroes – and this one special Veteran was mine. Thanks for your service dad.


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