CoverThe beautiful and exotic Orchids are my most favorite of  flowers. In my homeland of the Philippines they are everywhere. I remember as a child smelling the sweet scent of orchids growing wild outside my bedroom window. We wore them in our hair and they adorned our special occasions. My love for art is inspired by the floral details of the paintings of Paul Gauguin and the Impressionistic renderings of Monet.  Because the gallery is filled with diffused light, Orchids grow especially well here year round. I love the Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid. These are easy to grow, and if happy, will bloom year after year. The pink one above is a first year bloomer. The blooms are long lasting – these have been blooming for a few months now.


This white orchid has two bloom stalks with blooms that have shown for going on three months. The leaves are healthy and full – it’s somewhat of a puzzle to me, as it has very little in the way of aerial roots.


And this is my favorite one in the gallery. This orchid is getting ready to bloom for the third time. The flower stalks have multiple branches. I’ve counted nearly two dozen potential flowers on this one. It will need extra support to hold up the blooms.

Flowers to me are the scent of life. Whether I’m running in the park or a quiet stroll in our neighborhood, I always take the time to stop and smell the sweet fragrances of nature. I hope you too take some time to enjoy this glorious spring.     -Francia


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