Shop Small Weekend

Yep, this is the weekend to Shop Small!  Since most of you will be out on Black Friday, we thought we’d include Friday with our offers with Shop Small Saturday. You save both days! Sale ends 4pm on Sunday so you have even more time to save!


Come See Us!
Come See Us!

We hope you Shop Small year round to support small businesses and communities across the nation. And when you respond- we want to return the favor – with these very special values that will save you money and make you a hero.

You want to be a Hero, don’t You?

IMG_0979We have a special $10.00 table filled with really neat stuff for just one Hamilton (Alexander, that is – He’s the dude on the 10.00 bill) And new items are added all the time – who knows what treasures you’ll find there.

IMG_0971And another table full of figurines at 50% off! No “mark up the price and then discount” shenanigans – no, these are our regular prices and at 50% off they are sure to fly out the door. Limited quantities, so get here early before they disappear. Many items below cost.

joy snowman

We also have a large selection of Christmas ornaments on specially marked trees that are 40% off!

No gift boxing for these deeply discounted sale items.

Stop in for some coffee or Tea and recharge for the shopping frenzy.


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