Snowman Special – and some history

So the winter winds have delivered the cold and possibly snow is right around the corner.

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1 snowman

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snowman shelf sitter


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Now some history

Early history of Snowmen is unknown, many think that snow figures have been made since prehistoric times.

3 snowman

Marginal illustration from Book of Hours, ca. 1380. To date, this is the earliest depiction of a snow figure discovered. It is a marginal illustration from a work titled “Book of Hours” from 1380, found in Koninklijke Bibliotheek, in The Hague.

4 snowman

This possible snowman image was published in the atlas THE PETIT VOYAGES, a Ten part, Three volume set, written by brothers Johann Theodor and Johann Israel De Bry and published in Frankfurt Germany  1598., 1613 detailing the exploration of the Dutch trade expedition.

5 snowman

With the first voyage, no fewer than forty Dutch ships rounded the Cape, and almost completely supplanted the Portuguese in the spice trade. Two years later the Dutch East India Company was formed.

The PETIT VOYAGES comprise probably the greatest single collection of material on early voyages to the East Indies, and are unique in their extraordinary wealth of cartographical and visual material on Africa, India, the Spice Islands, and South Asia.

And apparently snowmen.


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