Spring is here!


Time for Baseball, Golf and Skyhooks

Golf & Baseball



The Skyhook – or balance toy has been around for centuries. In the 19th century these toys were commercially made – typically in the form of a man riding a horse or sailing a small boat. Today we have a lot more choices.


Like these two ladies. That’s Madame Butterfly on the left – the beautiful Cic-Cio San is the lead character from the famous opera by Puccini that debuted in 1907. And that’s The beautiful Ethiopian princess Aida on the right the star from the famous opera by Verdi that debuted in Cairo, Egypt 1871. Pretty sophisticated, right?


Of course there’s fun stuff too – like these daredevils.

It is not only a whimsical toy, but is also useful in teaching the laws of physics. The scientific principle illustrated by this simple toy is that you can balance an object on a point if the object’s center of gravity is directly below the point of support. The balance toy manipulates the center of gravity so that it is no longer within the object itself but at a point in space vertically below it, and so the object seems to balance magically. When in motion many of the toys have pivoting parts that move to create a very unique toy.


Steady girl!

These are all hand crafted from recycled metal and hand painted and finished with a distressed antique patina.


Why, we even have a couple of sporty Santas too.

Stop in soon and see them in motion.


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