Nance Galleries History Part 4

I last left off at a critical time. September 1989 and the city had put a stop order on the building -and rightly so, I might add. My genius contractor didn’t bother with permits and zoning laws. Boy, what a pickle he put me in. So what’s next? I ask the guy in charge of the building commission. You have to have a hearing in front of the board. Great, I said when should I be there? December 21. silence…You mean I have to wait until December 21? What about my holiday shopping season? I need to get the gallery open. silence… Not gonna happen. So to say that 1989 was going to be a bleak year would be an understatement.

I give you exhibit A


And exhibit B


These were the exhibit photos for the hearing. And fortunately for us the vote was 6-1 in our favor. Yeah! Score one for the little guy!

Now time to get back to work. But first we have weather delays -then the messy legal issues with the contractor – then finding another contractor. Revising the windows and correcting some construction issues took another 10 months.  So in October 1990 we are finally fully open for business!



Try as I may, I can’t seem to find any early interior photos of the gallery.

The following are photos of the gallery before the next renovation. Next renovation? If you follow my home renovation blog at Adventures in Remodeling, you’ll know this is a pattern of mine.


This is a view of the east gallery. You enter into this space. The floors are tinted concrete with exposed aggregate that was dredged from the bottom of the Ohio river which runs next to our city. Kids have fun looking for seashells and bits of coal that are embedded in the floor.


Looking into the west gallery. The steps go up to the original farm house foundation and floor. This was decorated in the trendy hunter green and burgundy color pallet of the 1990’s.


A view back into the green room. Everything white was constructed by me. With the exception of the Victorian fretwork  over the entry.


The front of this building was originally used as a photo studio. The doors to the right of the picture was a bathroom/dressing room for photo shoots.


The trendy sponge painted dressing rooms – so hip in 1990!


One side was the bathroom – with sink, bench and wallpaper on the ceiling.


The other side a dressing area with a hunter green sink and hand made cabinets.


Since the front was originally used as a photo studio, the floors were smooth vinyl tile.


Above the studio is a loft office. That’s where I usually write these blogs. The balcony railings were made from cut down 2X4’s and all the trim was #2 pine.


The front window display area was an enclosed room. Notice the detailed crown molding trim – obsessive as usual. Everything was whitewashed. I’ll have a tutorial on whitewashing wood on the renovation blog.


The front window display area. You can see some cardboard mockups on the windows for some new renovations to come. I’ll be detailing that over on my Adventures in Remodeling blog. So hop over there to see more detailed updates on the last renovation.

We are very fortunate to have so many great friends and customers that have supported us for 66 years. As it is for most small businesses, it’s not an easy path.

But  I wouldn’t want it any other way.


3 thoughts on “Nance Galleries History Part 4

    1. Hi Lauren –
      Thanks so much and please stop in when if you ever pass our way. I will be posting more gallery renovations ( I gutted the front gallery and added all kinds of stuff) over on the Adventures in Remodeling blog.

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