Vintage Native American Style

Taking a page out of Francia’s Style Notebook I noticed she’s been wearing some of our vintage Navajo jewelry with her more contemporary pieces.


Take this piece for example. Hand crafted from handmade sterling ‘bench beads’ with natural turquoise, this necklace looks great with almost any summer outfit.

necklace1The nice thing about older pieces is that the stone quality is very good.  Take a look at the quality of the turquoise and silver work.


Another classic, this traditional storyteller ring is hand crafted by Navajo artisan Francis Tabaha. This charming ring has a solid 14K gold overlay – many of the contemporary rings have a gold-filled overlay which is just a thin layer of gold over a brass base.

ring 1

Artist signed and fully hallmarked – a beautifully crafted work of jewelry art.

And finally – what really makes some of this Vintage Native American  Jewelry fun is the sheer size  of some pieces.

sunflower bracelet

This vintage 1970’s bracelet is one example. This is just a stunning work of art. Hand cast and tooled from Sterling silver and set with a moss green turquoise stone. Amazing workmanship and it’s big!

sunflower bracelet1

We are receiving new pieces of these vintage Native American works of art each week. We have representative examples of early Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi designs in rings, bracelets, pendants and pins.

Stop in soon to see our latest selections – before Francia scoops them all up!


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