New Fashion Jewelry Uno de 50

It’s been quite a while since the last update for the blog. Things have been really busy here in the gallery so forgive me for the long delay. I promise to be more timely in the future.

We have a wonderful new line up for the fall fashion season. Francia has selected a large range of new jewelry lines to add to our impressive collections.

One of Francia’s favorites in Uno de 50. (One of 50). This inspiring jewelry line was founded by Concha Diaz del Rio and a group of designers in Madrid, Spain. The initial idea was to produce only 50 of each design so the owner could possess a very unique work of jewelry art. Due to the tremendous popularity of the jewelry the number was expanded, although the design studio still makes limited edition pieces.

The pieces are still designed and produced at their Madrid studio using a metal alloy layered with silver. The unique textures and shapes are a hallmark of Uno de 50’s urban style.

The pieces are often combined with other materials such as glass, resin and leather to add an additional textural layer.

Each piece is branded with the distinctive carved Uno de 50 logo.

Stop in and let Francia show you some of the these stunning unique designs.

Exclusively in our area by Uno de 50.


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