Eric Gourieux Woodturnings

Eric Gourieux is a physician, father of four and wood turner living in Newburgh, Indiana. Creating wood turnings for over 10 years, Eric has progressed from crafting pens to hollow form vessels. His pieces are rough turned from a solid piece of wood that are usually turned from wet, or green, wood. The piece is then sealed or processed in such a way as to minimize warping or splitting. After several months, or sometimes up to a year, the rough turned piece is re-mounted on the lathe and turned to it’s final shape. Each work is then hand finished with a multi-step process that enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

Ambrosia Maple Vessel

This hollow form vessel is hand turned from a solid piece of ambrosia maple. Ambrosia Maple is technically not a specific species of Maple, but rather a general description of any type of Maple that has been infested by ambrosia beetles. The beetles bore into the tree, and with it bring fungus that discolors the wood. With hand turned ambrosia finial and walnut collar.


Hollow Form Bowl

This spectacular hollow form bowl is hand turned using a select piece of Cherry. The natural crack contains bark inclusions. This type of turning is exceedingly difficult to create and the unique character of the wood makes this an exceptional work of art. Finished with antique oil, buffed and polished.

Natural Edge Walnut Bowl

Beautifully crafted, this walnut bowl is hand turned from a solid block of walnut wood. The bowl is shaped in such a way to allow the natural bark to be retained. The turning is finished with antique oil, buffed and polished.

Come in and see these execptional works of art. 


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