Pottery: Scott Frankenberger

Tell us about your exhibit at Nance Galleries.

I hope my porcelain will contribute well to the anniversary opening at the Nance Gallery. Not many galleries last this long, and especially in this economy, this endurance should be celebrated. My work will feature wheel-thrown pieces, as well as my signature extruded forms — teapots, pitchers, vases. They all have a “lively” twist to them, and hopefully the personality of each form will engage the viewers.

What were your post-grad plans as a math major and what inspired you to start making pottery?

I was an undergraduate math major. Then, a half-year spent in Europe, as a student – especially Italy – turned my attention to the arts. I find a lot in common between the thinking in math that requires the imagination, and the thinking in art that springs from the imagination. They are not as different as many people often assume.

Do you have a favorite piece or style that you often create/expand upon?

I like to make teapots. Each one is different, and I like to infuse each with a personality. The tea ritual is a very personal one, and I like to think that the teapot is one more person at the table. I also like to make large platters. They become my canvas for compositional explorations.

What advice do you have for those looking to make their own start in your craft?

It requires focus, dedication, patience, the willingness to take risks, and the ability to fail over & over again. Both the successes and failures are the steppingstones that eventually lead to what you might call a “career”.


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