Jewelry Designer: Laine Benthall

We asked featured jewelry designer, Laine Bethall, a few questions about her work and pieces that she will have at next Friday’s 63rd Anniversary Nance Gallery Art Show:

What inspired you to start designing and making jewelry?

I’ve always made jewelry since childhood out of basic beading materials. I’ve also always been an artist and decided to major in fashion at the Savannah College of Art & Design. I took the intro to metals class as elective my freshman year and fell in love with goldsmithing and decided to change my major to metals and jewelry.

Do you have a favorite piece? A favorite metal or stone that you prefer to work with?

My favorite materials are gold and blue sapphire

What prompted you to move to Hawaii and what was running a business there like compared to here in Indiana?

I got the opportunity to stay for a summer in Hawaii while I was still in college. I liked it there so much I decided that’s where I wanted to be after I got my degree and graduated. I began job searching and found a designer looking for a bench jeweler in Honolulu. I got the job and worked as a bench jeweler for Catherine Weitzman Handmade Jewelry for 18 months. She worked only with wholesale orders and the business more geared towards mass production.

What advice do you have for aspiring designers?

It’s always nice to design a collection of works that are similar in some way so that all your work can flow together. It is important to have a unique characteristic to your work to set you apart from other artists.


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