Our Story Behind The Logo

Dad in 1947
1947 in Garvin Park

Things have certainly changed since our business was founded in 1947. Back then Harry Truman was president and we were a small photography studio and custom framing shop. My parents, Owen & Marian Nance created this little enterprise and moved their family of three boys to the corner of Bellemeade & Green River Road in 1958. They bought an old farm house built in 1922 and added a small storefront with living quarters in the back. My brothers and I grew up right on this spot. At the time our section of Bellemeade was a short gravel road that was two blocks long, separated by a 100acre farm with ponds and dilapidated barns. Our neighbors had a chicken coop and cherry trees, and the neighbors next had a turkey farm – long since gone and now occupied by Barnes & Nobel.

If you notice our logo, you will see my father in the circle, an image from a photograph that was taken in 1947 by my uncle during a snowstorm in Garvin Park. It’s my favorite photo of him and we keep it displayed above our office door.


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