63rd Nance Galleries Anniversary Show

Save the Date
Friday, October 29 | 5-8pm
Come join us for a birthday celebration and art exhibition! Food and drink complemented by the smooth jazz guitar music of Ty Buttrum.
Latest Gallery News

As the fall season approaches, we are anticipating our next exhibition featuring photography, art, pottery and jewelry. Each October we celebrate our birthday – this year is our 63rd! We certainly don’t feel (or look in our opinion) 63!


63rd Anniversary Artists
Jim McKinney | photography
The photography Jim McKinney, delightfully subtle in presenting every walk of life at a single moment in its respective environment, will be on display.  Jim is President & CEO of Regency Property Management and has been an avid photographer since childhood. He travels extensively and enjoys the interaction with the local subjects he photographs.

Chris Amend | drawing / painting
A former art teacher of 35 years, 2D artist Chris Amend presents work that inextricably links the physical act of creating art with the cognitive thoughts and reasonings behind the art itself. “Divining the meaning of anything requires a willingness to look for it, and the willingness to be open to whatever meanings it conveys,” Amend says. “If the work is successful, the meaning is imbedded in the work itself, and to attempt to separate the one from the other would seem to diminish the whole.  I suppose a fair and reasonably accurate answer would be, ‘I can’t tell you what this picture means, but IT can.'”

Scott Frankenberger | pottery
A potter since 1974, Scott Frankenberger of Cross Roads Pottery creates whimsical works of art in his West Lafayette, Indiana studio. He began his college studies as a math major, but was soon seduced by art classes, both studio and appreciation lectures.  He received his BA from Lawrence University in 1971, and later specialized in ceramics with a MA from Purdue University in 1979. He has been a working studio potter ever since. His work features contemporary interpretations of functional forms that are expertly glazed with vibrant combinations of his personal formulated glaze colors. His work is distinctive and immediately recognizable.

Laine Benthall | jewelry

Laine Benthall’s passion for making jewelry blossomed at a very young age, and after earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts for Metals and Jewelry degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design, that same passion took the young artist to Honolulu, Hawaii where she spent 18 months working as a bench jeweler. “The patterns and shapes created by the natural universe is what inspires me,” Benthall says. “I believe nature’s beauty is pure and immaculate. I aim to intensify this universal beauty as a way for me to indulge in extravagant visual bliss, and to show appreciation for nature’s unparalleled delicacy.”

We hope you will join us on October 29 as we celebrate our 63rd anniversary with these wonderful artists!


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