Latest Corporate Project Completed

Finally, the complicated installation is over on this Chicago project. Challenging for certain, commissioning 24 artists from 13 countries to create 46 works of art in 4 months. A difficult project, but very rewarding.
Elevator Lobby Photos
Photos by Bluelinestyle
This art concept was a thoughtful mix of art and a narrative theme. Worked out over a couple of months at the end of last year, the project manager was invaluable in getting the art commissions approved in an amazingly rapid fashion.  
Main cafe corridor
Main cafe corridor
The building was newly constructed, with no interior walls or finishes at the time of art commissioning. The best part of the design – which was executed by the design firm Perkins & Will – was the elegant neutral palette – allowing almost any work of art to really sing on the walls.
Ceramic Collage by Mitch Yung
Ceramic Collage by Mitch Yung
The main reception area has these wonderful limestone floors and off-white walls. This made the ceramic collage by Mitch Yung look absolutely stunning. Lighting was designed for the art, which really highlighted the textures of his work.
The client was very happy with the results. To see more of this project please click here.

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