The Time is Now


Eduardo Milieris – New York, N.Y.

The Urban Watch

Eduardo Milieris – 

Born in 1960 in Montevideo, Uruguay, Eduardo Milieris has become world renowned for his elegant urban interpretations of the modern watch. He creates these limited-edition watches in his New York studio at the foot of the Queensboro Bridge, overlooking the skyline of Mid-town Manhattan. His signature limited–edition watches, with hand painted dials and bands of antiqued brass, copper and silver, are limited to 1000 pieces of each design. His work is in over 400 fine art galleries and museum stores around the world.

The above text is from our story cards that every item in the gallery possesses. I write everyone of those things…pretty tedious sometimes.

I wanted to add Eduardo’s work to the gallery for quite some time. We happened to meet him in Philadelphia a couple of years ago and we had a chance to see his work in person.  Francia, my wife, convinced me that even though we are in the middle of an area with fairly traditional tastes – that these contemporary timepieces would be popular. And as usual the wife was right again…


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