Holiday Suggestions

We know it can be difficult to find just the right gift for someone special. Below are a few one of a kind gifts for the one of a kind person in your life.

Give them the World

1 mensThis globe has internal solar cells that power the rotating globe using artificial or natural light. A conversation piece.


History in the Skies

3 mensThe racing planes of the second two decades of the last century were some of the most exciting and dangerous ever flown. This large scale model is true to the original that the  Granville Brothers developed in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. Among the most famous of the Gee Bees was the R-1 which was designed for the 1932 National Air Races. In the 1932 Thompson Trophy Race, Famous test pilot Jimmy Doolittle dominated in the R-1, lapping the field and winning the race for the Granville Brothers.

2 mensAnther iconic example is the Spirit of St. Louis, piloted across the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh on May 20, 1927. Both of these models are extremely well detailed and are crafted from silk over their  wood frames. We have several historical airplanes in stock that are perfect for the aviation enthusiast.

Tag This

4 mensFor the bike rider or outdoor enthusiast, these recycled bike chain luggage tags are are a sure hit. Hand crafted in Oregon, we have clocks, bowls, frames and more by this enterprising group of craftsmen.

From the Earth

5 mens'These bookends are crafted from Labradorite stone, they are spectacular specimens from the earth. The light reflected has a neon-glow that is not found in any other natural stone. We have several examples in the gallery.

Glass Treasures

3 womensWe are one of the largest art glass galleries in Indiana. The magical play of light through colored glass is fascinating – something about colored light makes you feel good. We have a wide range of art glass from dozens of glass artists.

2 womensBeautiful vases, ornaments and even oil lamps like this one will make someone’s world more colorful.

And then comes Jewelry

Yes, jewelry – you can find all sorts of jewelry almost anywhere. But handcrafted, artisan jewelry – well that’s a much more difficult proposition. We have so much to choose from – like this sterling silver love note pendant.


4 womensOr something fresh and fun like this stone and leather wrap bracelet.

1 womensTo this exquisite sterling silver necklace that is adapted from architectural details found on John and Mable Ringling’s Sarasota, Florida mansion Cà d’Zan. Designed by New York artist Cynthia Gale, this handcrafted necklace is created in Bali using repoussé and filigree techniques.


All these items are just a small sampling of the items you’ll find at the gallery – and new items arrive daily, so stop in soon. Hurry because many are one of a kind – just like you know who.







Holiday Newsletter

The season is here! So please check out our holiday newsletter – our first all digital edition! Click on the image and be sure to get the coupons on page three for added savings!



Thank You

We want to thank all of you who came out this past weekend. We had a great turnout for Shop Small Saturday – as well as Friday and Sunday too! It’s encouraging the see more and more people realize the value of small businesses in their community. We really appreciate your support.

Shop Small Weekend

Yep, this is the weekend to Shop Small!  Since most of you will be out on Black Friday, we thought we’d include Friday with our offers with Shop Small Saturday. You save both days! Sale ends 4pm on Sunday so you have even more time to save!


Come See Us!
Come See Us!

We hope you Shop Small year round to support small businesses and communities across the nation. And when you respond- we want to return the favor – with these very special values that will save you money and make you a hero.

You want to be a Hero, don’t You?

IMG_0979We have a special $10.00 table filled with really neat stuff for just one Hamilton (Alexander, that is – He’s the dude on the 10.00 bill) And new items are added all the time – who knows what treasures you’ll find there.

IMG_0971And another table full of figurines at 50% off! No “mark up the price and then discount” shenanigans – no, these are our regular prices and at 50% off they are sure to fly out the door. Limited quantities, so get here early before they disappear. Many items below cost.

joy snowman

We also have a large selection of Christmas ornaments on specially marked trees that are 40% off!

No gift boxing for these deeply discounted sale items.

Stop in for some coffee or Tea and recharge for the shopping frenzy.

Snowman Special – and some history

So the winter winds have delivered the cold and possibly snow is right around the corner.

Perfect time for a special Snowman Sale! Save 30% off all our Snowmen!

1 snowman

Here’s some snowmen waiting to go home with you!

snowman shelf sitter


And these too!

Now through Sunday you can get some of the best Snowmen in town at a really great price.


Gift boxes available at a nominal charge with this special promotion.





Now some history

Early history of Snowmen is unknown, many think that snow figures have been made since prehistoric times.

3 snowman

Marginal illustration from Book of Hours, ca. 1380. To date, this is the earliest depiction of a snow figure discovered. It is a marginal illustration from a work titled “Book of Hours” from 1380, found in Koninklijke Bibliotheek, in The Hague.

4 snowman

This possible snowman image was published in the atlas THE PETIT VOYAGES, a Ten part, Three volume set, written by brothers Johann Theodor and Johann Israel De Bry and published in Frankfurt Germany  1598., 1613 detailing the exploration of the Dutch trade expedition.

5 snowman

With the first voyage, no fewer than forty Dutch ships rounded the Cape, and almost completely supplanted the Portuguese in the spice trade. Two years later the Dutch East India Company was formed.

The PETIT VOYAGES comprise probably the greatest single collection of material on early voyages to the East Indies, and are unique in their extraordinary wealth of cartographical and visual material on Africa, India, the Spice Islands, and South Asia.

And apparently snowmen.

Spirit LaLa Jewelry

Just in is a new shipment of Spirit LaLa Jewelry!

We have offered Spirit LaLa’s (Her real name) jewelry for many years. A Georgia mother of three, her creations are whimsical and colorful and add a touch of fun to any outfit.

Prices range from 20.00 to 65.00

lala anchor

The pendants are crafted from stainless steel and the colorful artwork is protected with sealed acrylic for years of enjoyment.

lala bee bracelet

These stretch bracelets are fun and funky – perfect for an active lifestyle.

lala earrings

A wide variety of pendants, earrings and bracelets on on display – ready for you to enjoy!

lala bracelet

These are a perfect addition to your gift list this year.

Stop in an see the whole collection.


Holiday Open House this Weekend!

Yep, it’s that time of year again – my favorite!

Please join us this weekend for our 67th annual Holiday Open House Celebration

We’ll be giving away lots of gifts and prizes.



This beautiful Bethany Lowe Toy Emporium Sleigh can be yours this weekend!

Over $1000 of gift certificates and prizes

Raffle drawings held every half hour throughout the day.


Saturday November 1st

10 am – 5 pm


Sunday November 2nd

Noon – 5pm

Special savings throughout the store – and every person through the door gets a $5.00 store certificate to use during the weekend – no minimum purchase necessary. Spend it on something little or big – it’s our way to say Thank You for 67 years of community support


Food, fun and savings! Please Join in the fun.

Fall Fashion Picks 2014

Francia is always on the look out for new items to add to our collections to present to you. Whether it’s a finely crafted work of art for the home, or a fashion accessory to wear, she has a great eye for design, quality and value.

Below are just a few of her picks for the Fall season.


Candles from Swan Creek are perfect way to set a festive fall mood. The essential oil fragrances will remind you of past visits of family gatherings and warm friendships.


Scarves are a great year round accessory, but even more so for the crisp fall air. These luxurious all cotton scarves from Vance Kitira have a rustic elegance that is perfect with nearly any outfit.


And of course, don’t forget the jewelry. Silver elements paired with natural stones create a perfect combination for a Fall fashion statement.